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last update-10/3/2003


Granada Theatre 1930s



Trillion's 2nd album band photo was taken inside the theatre where they also rehearsed for their tour.

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The reason why I decided to write this page was to let the curious and still loyal fans know a little bit about the present state and well being of the members of Trillion. Also to keep you informed of other activities in Chicago and it's music seen. This of course is a part-time deal. Please feel free to add to this if you hear about someone connected or any intresting stuff we can all appreciate and I'll post the info.

There are people that ask me about a re-union tour or secret recordings of the third album that never transpired and I tell them," not that I know of and probably not". We all went our own ways and so be it, although I do have some un-released third album demos.

Pat Leonard is somewhere near the ocean not reporting in. Were a little concerned about his whereabouts. He needs to call in and stay in touch with the people that influenced him when he was just a young tyke.

Let's not forgot....C.J. Vanston was the keyboard player who took over where Pat left off. CJ is currently in LA doing just fine as he co-writes with some biggies. A funny guy and a down to earth dude from Michigan. We opened for Jeff Beck and did some other great shows together. That night Jeff Beck fell off of the stage during the Simon Phillips drum solo, he ripped the crotch of his pants and had no extra pair on site. His wardrobe truck had left already. Well it just so happened that CJ was about the same size as Jeff and so CJ gave him an extra pair of slacks from his wardrobe and saved him a huge embarrassment. We ended up with a very special group shot afterwards in Beck's dressing room in return. A great night.

Fergie Fredrickson has recorded a bunch of demos and is floating around. He did play with Toto for a bit which was excellent and moved on from there. Word is that he did record a solo album and is currently recording a new CD with some members from Toto at Jim Petericks home studio. This info came from an old Trillion fan out of Switzerland. I will correct any mistakes and try to get the name of the CD for all interested. Again check back...

Tom Griffin the #2 singer owns a cd and tape duplicating business and doing very well with it. Tom is also doing jingles in Chicago and has sang on some of my demos for various projects. In fact, "Can't Stop Fallin'" just got placed in a movie called "Charming Billy" to be released this summer. I'll keep you posted on that. In fact as of 3/20/99 a second song by Ondavon,"Save Yourself" was also picked for another part of that same movie. We'll see what transpires from the negotiations. The latest news I received on Thom is that he is recorded a new CD with Joe Vana doing all of the lead vocals and the writers involved include members of Mister Mister, Jim Peterick to just name a couple. More info coming!

Ron Anaman is still screaming the blues and playing harder than ever in a couple of blues bands around town. Need to catch up with him also. He also got into graphics last I talked to him.

Bill Wilkins is making a mark as a Stock Broker with a very wealthy investment company and still yearns for the day Trillion can jam once again. I'll be talking to him soon.

I am still writing and recording in a home studio with my wife/singer Rebecca, raising two wonderful boys and currently working for Hewlett Packard as a Software Applications Engineer. Who knew.

I am also pursuing web design and stained glass on the side. to the top

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Check back soon!!!